Steel sheet moulds

The steel sheet moulds has been always the most diffi cult to achieve for a manufacturerof rotational molding moulds producer. The techniques of cutting, foldingand assembling are characteristics of highly specialized operators.

The achievement of important results is possible only with years of experience in the fi eld, for this reason we are focused on this value that make the difference.

  • Closing fl anges cut by laser for maximum dimensional precision to avoid disalignement
  • Centring Thorns
  • External welding
  • Internal welding and grinding
  • High-temperature thermal treatment.
  • Mounting plate
  • Control of coupling fl ange and spins
  • Closing clamps for easy opening
  • Internal fi nish: Sand-blasting, peening, polishing
  • Eyebolt for mould raising and handling .
  • Guide for centring
  • Outside painting with high-temperature resistant paint.
  • Logos, date indicator, recycling logo.